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23 March 2008 @ 08:37 pm
Street Fighter [Part II]  

Title: Street Fighter [2/4]

Author: Sum3r

Length: OneShot/Divided into Parts

Pairing: HoRella/JaeMin

Rating: NC-17/R

Warning: MANY. No Joke. Be advised before you read this.

Disclaimer: Based off all those street-fighting action movies—like really.

For: Rose [Fic #1]

Summary: In underground street fighting, it’s all about survival of the fittest and the rising chance to be on top. When Yunho’s Sensei is brutally murdered and his brother is kidnapped by an unknown gang, he must now train himself to enter the underground ring in a desperate attempt to bring his brother back and the murderer to justice. But in a world where fighting is always the answer and revenge is the key, will Yunho have what it takes to make it through?
[Part I - Blood Stains and Knives]

[A/N]: YaY for Part II~ ^^


Part II – Hide and Seek


Yunho zipped up his jacket and put on his sunglasses as he walked, melting into the crowd that surrounded him. In his hand he held a ripped piece of paper with an address written on it, the remains of what he remembered last night.


He wasn’t sure if he would get any answers in the club, as he entered its smoky building last night, and was about to leave when he caught a Chinese dancer’s eyes. He was a cage dancer, wearing an exotic dress and as Yunho approached him, his movements grew slower and slower, until he stood waiting, waiting for Yunho to approach him. He had seen the knife from inside Yunho’s jacket and with a brush of lips against Yunho’s ears he gave him the address to where you need to go— and who you need to talk to— Yunho memorized the address in his mind and thanked him, but the dancer shook his head and brush of lips against his cheek, he told him good luck—


The store was in between other two perfectly good stores and it wasn’t much of a store really, but it was small and the door chimed when Yunho walked in. The people were all perfectly normal people, so Yunho wondered if he was at the right place for a moment. But he took his chances, and walking past the secretary, who immediately looked up and tried to stop him from entering the smaller office, Yunho walked through the door and sat down in one of its chairs, as the man in front of him looked up from his work.


“Welcome to the Choi Travel Agency, our motto is—” The smile was nearly normal, but beside marital arts, Sensei had taught Yunho many other arts, one of them being able to see through the acts of people.


“But sir, he didn’t make and appointment, and I’m sorry, you have to leave—” Calmly, as the secretary, Ryeowook, who tried to force him to leave, and the owner, Siwon, whose smile fell, looked on, Yunho pulled the knife out of his pocket and gently settled it on the desk.


Silence fell.


Siwon looked down at the knife and immediately looked up, eyes hard and mouth turned into a hard grimace. “Where the hell did you get this?” This, Yunho knew, was the true Siwon. He stood up and leaned over, eyes locked with Siwon’s, palms flat on the desk.


“4 weeks ago, Takashi Sensei was found murdered in his studio and my brother, Changmin, disappeared without a trace except for this knife. I want to know why and where.


Siwon was silent for a few seconds, but then he asked, “Are you Jung Yunho?”




The effect was immediate. Ryeowook ran out of the room, as Siwon stood up, hand grabbing the phone and quickly dialing a number.


“Yes, yes—he’s with me now. Of course. Now? I’ll see to it. Yes, then. Goodbye.”


When Siwon sat back down, there was no fake smile on his lips, no indication that he ran a travel agency. He was quick and expressionless, giving answers to Yunho’s questions. “We have no news for your brother, but as for Takashi Sensei, may God bless his soul, his murderer is tied to the Hangeshi group and will be participating in the Tournament this coming winter.”


“Now,” continued Siwon, as Ryeowook rushed back into the room, slipping him a milano folder. “You have approximately six months to get ready.” He slid the folder in front of Yunho. “In there you will find the address to the headquarters for the Haneul, as well as a ticket to Japan in exactly six months. Come to the airport with only a small duffle bag and no weapons. In there will also be information about the Tournament and the name of the murderer will be circled. Whether or not you want to continue, it’s up to you.” Yunho nodded and without hesitation, grabbed the folder. He thanked the other man and was about leave, but Siwon’s words stopped him.


“This isn’t the studio anymore, Yunho, this is murder and after you reach a certain point, there is no going back. Murder, in any religion, is a mortal sin, and once committed, can either fuel your bloodlust or leave your soul in tatters.”


Yunho said nothing as he walked out of the office.



“No good,” said Leeteuk, as he watched the boys from behind the hidden mirror. They were training, fighting each other in hand-to-hand combat, and as Leeteuk watched, none of them stood out. He slammed the papers against the desk as their practice ended, gnawing his bottom lip in frustration. They were good, yes, but not good enough, not good enough to survive even the second or third match. They were running out of time and Leeteuk had no answers to give to his boss.


A knock sounded on the door and within a second, it opened as a slim boy entered, black hair cut short, eyes big. “Father asks for the evaluations,” said Heechul as Leeteuk turned away, frustrated. “They’ll die within a week,” he said, anger flashing out, “is that good for an evaluation?”


Heechul clicked his tongue. “Father’s going to be mad, you know.” Leeteuk closed his eyes as he sank against the chair; he could feel the sickness coming on to him already. “I know,” he said tersely, “but unless you give me an experienced fighter, I have nothing to work with.”


Then Heechul grinned, eyes lighting up, as if he held a huge secret that everyone wanted to know. “They found Jung Yunho, Takashi Sensei’s last pupil and one of his best.” Leeteuk immediately scrambled up. “Is he coming here?” he said, breathless, the worry, the frustration vanishing from his mind.


He came to Siwon. Apparently his brother got caught up in this and was kidnapped, while Yunho was blamed and house-arrested, making it impossible for anybody to reach him.” But he wasn’t saying the answer to Leeteuk’s question, wasn’t telling him if he was coming here.


Yes,” said Heechul finally, interest flickering in his eyes, “he’s coming here.



Always be cautious of gifts, especially if it’s exactly what you want. Sensei’s words rang through Yunho’s mind the next morning, as he got himself ready to visit the Hangeul Headquarters. He was stripped to the waist, standing in front of the mirror as he bandaged his chest with white linen, wearing soft pants that were easy to move around with. Daggers were tucked in both shoes, just in case— as he focused his mind and trained his eyes. He had already mediated this morning, early at 6, cleansing his mind of any irrational thoughts.


The Headquarters was another normal office building, but much bigger than the other, stretching up at least 25 stories at the least. Yunho stared up at it for a few seconds, before he crossed the busy street and opened its doors, entering the coolly air-condition building. Inside, there were security guards all around, as well as businessmen and women, phones near their ears and papers tucked in their hands.


As soon as Yunho entered, taking the first step inside, two security guards appeared on each side of him, grabbing each of his arms firmly and half-leading, half-dragging him towards the elevator. Inside of pushing the button to go up, one of the guards pushed the button to go down, towards the basement.


When the elevator doors finally dinged, one of the security guards brought out his I.D., swiping it through the identification machine as it scanned the pupils of his eyes. The door immediately opened, and grabbing his arms again, the guards lead him out of the elevator and down the steps, into the underground basement.


Yunho stared at everything around him with wide eyes, feeling slightly small in this colossal floor as he walked towards one of the rooms in the corner. The basement was huge; there were separate rooms on one side of the floor, each with its own testing and gym equipment, while Fighters roamed around, some laughing, some joking, while others were exercising their strength with punching bags and other Fighters. And in the middle, in all its white concrete glory, was a single ring that stood empty compared to the smaller rings around it.


“Here,” said one of the guards, pushing into one of the offices. The office was busy; people walked in and out of it, doctors with white coats and businessmen with dark suits and grim faces. One of the men, who was talking on the phone, waved him closer.


“I’ll see to it. It’ll take a matter of time of course, but I’ll do my best. Yes, I understand. Yes, thank you…of course. Yes, then, goodbye.” The phone was slammed down on its receiver as the man turned to Yunho, serious eyes looking into his.


“You must be Jung Yunho.” Yunho nodded as he stuck out his hand. The other man smiled, “I’m Leeteuk.” A firm handshake. Good.


Leeteuk waved at Yunho to sit down in one of the many available chairs as he went behind the large desk, pulling out a bunch of folders and papers. “I’m sure Siwon told you the basics and that you went over the information about the Tournament. And if you were really smart, I’m sure you already researched it separately, right?” Good, though Leeteuk as Yunho nodded. “Then I’ll go over what Siwon didn’t tell you.”


“The Haneul group will sponsor you in the current Tournament coming this winter. You will be trained, hard, and in exchange for our equipment, our techniques, our people, you will have to give up any life outside this basement for the next six months.” Leeteek pushed a bunch of papers requiring Yunho’s signature to him.


He spoke each word slowly, making sure Yunho understood. “We take no responsibility if you die during any Fight, or even in our training. Your body will be removed, quickly, as to no one can trace it back to here. Make sure you read fully before you sign, Yunho, because if you stay, you can’t go back.”


“This isn’t the studio anymore, Yunho, this is murder and after you reach a certain point, there is no going back.” Grabbing the pen that Leeteuk was holding out for him, Yunho began skimming through the pages, signing where necessary. There was no going back ever since my brother was snatched away and Sensei died in a pointless crude death.


“In the meantime,” said Leeteuk, with more curiosity in his voice, as he looked on at Yunho with interest, “if you could tell us how you became associated with Takashi Sensei…” The other people in the room appeared to be busy, but they lingered longer in the room, and leaned closer to Yunho when he spoke. 


Yunho paused for a few seconds, trying the fully remember the memory. “I was 11 I think…and my brother had gotten into a fight, so I tried to protect him. They were bigger than me, and I lost,” he said ruefully, “but Sensei was passing by, and when Changmin ran to call back, Sensei crouched down and hit me in the back of my head with his bokken.*” Yunho smiled, “Then, he told him what I did wrong and what I was supposed to do, and when my dad came running, he asked him if he could teach me.” With a reminiscent smile from the memory, Yunho ducked his head and began signing again, as he suddenly realized that the entire room had fallen silent.


He looked up, meeting Leeteuk’s surprised eyes.


Leeteuk licked his dry lips as he said, voice slightly surprised and disbelieving, “Takashi Sensei doesn’t ask to be someone’s mentor, the best come to him. But—but…he asked for you?” Yunho nodded, as he looked around the room, the people staring at him with wide eyes.


Then Leeteuk slammed the papers he was holding down on the desk and he barked out, “I want his stats!” When the people just started at him, Leeteuk, spread out his arms, “I said now!” And then with a flurry of movements, people began to talk and move all around at once, leaving Yunho bewildered in between it all. A firm hand grabbed his elbow and lead him out of the room as Yunho turned, seeing a smile and a flash of teeth.


“Dr. Kibum,” said the man, nodding, as they walked past all the bustling men and women, “why don’t we get you started?”


An hour later, Leeteuk entered one of the gyms, hand open for Yunho’s statistics. Yunho was stripped down to his boxers, medical regulators strapped to his chest and legs as he ran a treadmill, doctors milling around him and taking his blood pressure and pointing to one of the screens, measuring his brain waves. They were several of the best doctors in the world, assembled from various countries and brought together for only one reason.


“How is he?” said Leeteuk, as Dr. Zhang Li Yin approached him, flipping through the hand-written notes. “He’s normal, normal blood pressure, body mass, weight, height, everything really. On the other hand, his stamina is pretty impressive—it’s only been one hour and he’s beaten half of your Fighters’ records.”


Leeteuk smiled, “Good. Finish up, tell him to take a rest and tomorrow morning, throw him in the ring. I want him up against Kangin.”


Kibum looked up from his discussion, startled. “Kangin’s a level 3, Leeteuk, he won’t be able to handle it.” Leeteuk’s smile grew broader, “…but can you imagine what would happen if he did?”



The next thing Yunho knew, he was being pushed out of the building, the same security guards or did they all look the same?— and was told, politely but sternly, that he should go home. He was getting closer, Yunho knew, and now he had a reason, a drive, and events after such a long time were finally falling into place.


When Yunho opened their, his now— apartment door, silence and emptiness greeted him, instead of light from the living room and loud, blaring noises from the T.V. He left the keys on the countertop, and taking his blankets, Yunho wrapped himself in the living room, choosing to sleep near the window, where he could see the full moon clearly.


His hands curled around the mug as he leaned back, closer. I’m getting closer. And soon, soon I’m going to avenge you Sensei, and I’m going to find Changmin…if it’s the last thing I do.

[A/N]: *

[Bokken] The YunRella will be in the next or so chapter, and the JaeMin will take a backseat. Hopefully the next part (?) will be up soon. (and i'm failing at the messages, i know D:) 
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미윤;sly_pantera on March 24th, 2008 12:48 am (UTC)
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kenshinjunkie03kenshinjunkie03 on March 24th, 2008 01:45 am (UTC)
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Crysrastaakhriz on March 24th, 2008 09:37 pm (UTC)
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Crysrastaakhriz on March 24th, 2008 09:53 pm (UTC)
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♥ It gets more and more interesting. I'm excited to see more!
Crysrastaakhriz on March 24th, 2008 09:39 pm (UTC)
How do you find the time to write these fics? o.o

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Crysrastaakhriz on April 29th, 2008 02:24 pm (UTC)
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SUUUUUUM3R ♥♥" Please keep posting!! please?
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And if you don't post any time soon... I'll just have to, eh, -think think think- eh, claim this fic MINE!!!!!
Okay? So you better hurry ♥♥"

shinchul303shinchul303 on March 25th, 2008 02:55 am (UTC)
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shinchul303shinchul303 on March 25th, 2008 03:06 am (UTC)
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yoosuloveryoosulover on April 24th, 2008 02:10 am (UTC)
To tell you the truth, I'm actually a vampire
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